Louise Keyes (Counsellor & EFT Therapist for York Therapy Clinic)

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Louise Keyes Counsellor
Louise Keyes (Counsellor & EFT Therapist)

About Louise Keyes (Counsellor & EFT Therapist for York Therapy Clinic)

Louise is a dedicated counsellor at York Therapy Clinic, specialising in individual counselling for adults and offering expertise in Emotional Freedom Technique to aid in overcoming stress and managing various challenges, including anxiety.

With a particular focus on assisting individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-harm, and phobias (including Dental Phobia), Louise brings a comprehensive approach to her practice, drawing from her background in Dentistry from Newcastle University.

Continuously expanding her therapeutic toolkit, Louise recently completed training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) alongside her established person-centred counselling approach. This enables her to offer a broader range of therapies, ensuring tailored support for her clients’ diverse needs.

Trained Counsellor in York

Louise has completed a range of counselling qualifications following her Dentistry Degree, including a Post-Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Diploma in psychology, as well as a Foundation Degree in Counselling.

In addition to her academic achievements, Louise has completed Levels 1, 2, & 3 EFT – Practical Wellbeing Training and further courses to attain certification as an Advanced Certified EFT Therapist.

Registered with both the BACP and the EFTi, Louise’s passion for understanding and supporting others has been evident since her school days, earning her a reputation as someone with a compassionate and attentive ear.

Although she initially embarked on her career as a dentist, Louise ultimately decided to pursue retraining as a counsellor. Through this transition, she discovered her true calling, thriving in her work with individuals grappling with a range of problems including depression, anxiety, phobias (including dental phobia), low self-esteem, and various other mental health challenges.

Adult Counselling in York

Louise’s passion for the science of counselling is rooted in the diversity of perspectives each client brings, reminding us all of the shared challenges of the human experience, and the power of recovery and healing through talking therapies.

Embracing the unique experiences, beliefs, and obstacles of each individual, Louise finds each day of her work both fascinating and fulfilling as she assists people in overcoming their difficulties.

Outside of her counselling practice, Louise enjoys playing the tenor horn and indulging her curiosity by gazing up at the sky—a hobby that reflects her appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, as evidenced by her membership in The Cloud Appreciation Society.

Registered with Professional Bodies

Louise Keyes (Counsellor and EFT Therapist) is registered with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and EFTi (Emotional Freedom Techniques International).

Louise offers online counselling using Skype, Facetime, Zoom & WhatsApp Video for York Therapy Clinic.  Other methods are also available.

If you wish to discuss working with Louise or any of our therapists, psychologists or counsellors in York, contact us using the form below, or call us on 07788 129245.

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