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Sports Psychology at York Therapy Clinic

In the competitive realm of sports, physical ability alone isn’t always enough to achieve peak performance. Mental conditioning is equally important for navigating the pressures of competition and achieving athletic goals, as well as exceptional performance.

Sports psychology is a focused field that merges psychological principles with athletic performance enhancement, to help athletes reach their full potential and dominate their chosen sport.

At York Therapy Clinic, our sports psychologists in York offer specialist help and psychological tools to boost athletic performance, maximise your athletic potential, and enhance mental well-being.

How Can Sports Psychology Help Athletes?

Sports psychology can address a variety of issues that athletes encounter, which includes:

  • Perform At Your Best: Develop an unshakeable mindset that helps your body perform to the best of its ability.
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Develop techniques to maintain concentration during training and competition, so you can stay present in the moment and have the competitive edge.
  • Fuel Motivation: Harness your drive and motivation, so you can train harder and perform better.
  • Confidence Building: Strengthening self-belief and overcoming self-doubt so you feel unstoppable.
  • Master Performance Anxiety: Learn techniques to manage stress and nerves, allowing you to perform with confidence in training and in competition.
  • Bounce Back Stronger: Develop mental resilience to recover from setbacks and regain a winner’s outlook.
  • Team Cohesion: Improve communication and cohesion within your team for better collaboration and team performance.
  • Injury Recovery: Providing psychological support during the rehabilitation process to encourage full recovery and make best use of your recovery time.
  • Set Goals for Success: Develop a framework for setting specific and achievable performance goals to take you to the pinnacle of what you can achieve.

Our Sports Psychologists in York have worked with a range of athletes of all abilities, from hobbyists and local competitiors who want to improve their winning mindset, to world class Premier League Footballers and high level MMA and combat sports fighters. 

Our York Sports Psychologists have also worked with celebrities during their time performing and preparing for TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and other competitive performances.

Improve Physical & Mental Performance

Here at York Therapy Clinic, our experienced and specially trained sports psychologists work with individual athletes, partners, and teams to improve their mental edge, overcome barriers, enhance focus, and develop the mental resilience necessary for peak performance.

With our personalised assessment and strategies to help you succeed, we offer interventions that help to maximise each athlete’s strengths and overcome any challenges. 

Techniques such as cognitive challenging, visualisation, and other approaches are offered (as well as newer, cutting edge approaches such as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy) to ensure you enter your sport at your best.

As well as helping to improve performance, we also support athletes through transitions, such as moving between teams, changing career paths, or retiring from sports.

For those looking to improve team performance, our sports psychologists can also help coaches and sports teams to get the most out of their athletes and work collectively as a group towards victory.

Sports Psychologists in York

Successful athletes and coaches understand the role of sports psychology in competition and performance.  They know that even with a high powered, finely tuned engine, if the brakes are on, the car isn’t going anywhere.  Our team of Sports Psychologists and therapists can help you develop your winning edge and help elevate you to become your best.

Speak to our team at York Therapy Clinic to discover how our sports psychology services can help you or your team achieve peak performance and maintain mental well-being. 

We offer online sports psychology via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp Video.

Call us on 07788 129245 or send us a message below to speak to one of our sports psychologists in York today.

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